* Generation of computer
 *There are fivth generation of computer*

 1. First generation :(1942 to 1955 A.D) According to the first generation it is the first developing time of the system in the generation computer made by very big Vacuum Tube.
* ENIAC is the first electronic computer is the first generation,which made in 1939, The height of vacuum tube 10 fit and Length 100 fit weight 30 Tan.

*There are 18000 vacuum tube connect with computer, Edvac,Eniac,univac are made in 1st Generation computer.

Note: in the generation computer can not save your data.

Note:  in the general only calculate our mathematically data.

 2. Second generation:(1955 to 1964) It is a second developing time of the system in the generation develop of the TRANSISTOR, MARK-1 is the first computer develop of the second generation 

3. Third generation: (1964 to 1975) It is the great developing time of the system in this generation start the word typing and develop of the I.C (INTEGRATED CIRCUIT) by JACK KELVY.

Note: PDP-8, IBM -360 Computer develop in the third generation 

4. Fourth generation:(1975 to 1989) It is the Golden change of the system in this generation develop of the MICROPROCESSOR CHIP, By INTEL CORPORATION COMPANY, By GREATEST SCIENTIST DOCTOR TED HOP AND DON BRINKLIN.

 5 Fifth generation:(1989 to Today) In this generation develop of large storage capacity of the HDD, MULTIMEDIA and WWW  and other programming language . 

6. Sixth generation:It is the future of the system, 1st to 5th generation all computer are made with electron but 6th generation computer are made with proton and it working a speed is just like rocket.

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